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Purley in the Past

We look at Purley in the past from a number of different perspectives, but first:-

Chronicles - A year by year summary of the main things that happened in Purley over the years

Records and Sources Noting where the information is coming from.

Articles on Purley History A variety of articles on Purley's past including reminiscences.

Periods of History

You can read an account of what was happening in and around Purley and how Purley was affected by national events against the background of the several dynasties which ruled England.

Pre-conquest - earliest days, the Romans and the Saxons bring us up to 1066

Norman - from the Conquest to the Civil wars between Stephen and Matilda (1066 -1154)

Plantagenet - From Henry II to the Battle of Bosworth (1154 - 1485)

Tudor - from Bosworth to the death of Queen Elizabeth (1485 - 1603)

Murder most foul The murder of William Langspey 1489

Stuart - from James I to Queen Anne (1603-1714)

Georgian - The time of the first three Georges and King William (1714-1830)

Victorian - (1830 to 1901)

Modern - from Edward VII to the end of the 2nd millennium (1901-1999)

Aspects of history

Archaeology - Information gleaned from archaeological excavations and surveys over the years.

Heraldry - Coats of Arms and other heraldry which can be seen in the village.

People and families - gives you some background to the several families who had a huge influence on life in Purley and some biographies of notable individuals

The Second World War (1938-1946) - How Purley coped with the Second World War

Buildings and Estates - provides a history of some key buildings in Purley, many of which have now been demolished.

Manors and land tenure - General information about the mediaeval manors and estates of Purley.

Public services - how the various public services and utilities operated in the area.

Governance - how the village has been governed by a variety of manorial lords local dignatories and councils.

The Church - history of St Mary's Church

Social Life - how people lived, worked and played.

Series of articles in Purley Parish News

From my history Notebook A series of articles by Jean Debney

History on our Doorstep A series of articles by John Chapman

A bit of a tell - A series of articles by Rita Denman.

Articles on Purley's History

The spread of settlements A view as to how the area bounded by the Thames, Kennet and Pang expanded from an original Saxon settlement in Reading.

Rides and Rambles around Reading Viator, writing around 1865, describes a ride around Purley and Pangbourne.

A Something and a Nothing A 1960s newspaper article about Purley and the Pocock sisters

Our very own Shanty Town A 1970s newspaper article about the River Estate

Growing pains of a split level village -Don Desborough interviewed several people from Purley for the Reading Chronicle in 1991.

Purley through the Ages report of a talk given to Project Purley by Jean Debney

Life in Purley, Sulham and Tidmarsh in the 1930s - A series of articles written by Bill Fisher

Reminiscences of Purley

Memories -Andy Findlay recalls the 1950s and 1960s in Purley.

Potterings and Ponderings - Fred Rawlins ponders over life in Purley. 1920s to 1940s

The Rector's daughter Rose Matthews recalls life in Purley 1902-1914

A Boy when the Century was born F Matthews recalls life in Purley 1902-1914

My Purley Grandparents Tom Farmer recalls visits made to his grandparents 1900-1930

Memories of Purley in the 1940s John Parrott recalls when he was evacuated to Purley

Memories of Purley School 1942-1945 Ian Nash recalls attending Purley C of E School

Oral History - Joe and Elsie Kirton

Oral History - David and Rose Martin

Purley School Mrs McLoughlin recalls her time as a teacher at Purley C of E School. 1958-1973

Richard Walmesley recalls Happenings and people on the old River Estate

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