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H6055 - 9/7/2017

Church Exchanges

In the 14th and 15th century particularly it was common for churches to exchange clergy. It is fascinating to visit these churches to see whether or not the pairs of rectors are recorded. In a number of cases interesting additional information has come to light

The occasions when this happened in Purley are:-

Wymering - 1383 - Roger Watford left and William Battesford came to Purley

Tytherington, Glos - 1384 -William Battesford left and Adam Wrockwardyn came.

Hannington, Hants - 1387- Adam Wrockwardyn left and William Smith came.

Chobham, Surrey 1390 -William Smith left and Thomas Bonelythe came.

Henfield, Sussex 1391 - Thomas Bonelythe went and Stephen atte Walle came.

West Cliff, Kent 1405 - Stephen atte Walle left and John Midderhill came.

Winchester (St Rumwolds), Hants 1406 - John Midderhill left and Richard atte Water came

Stantonbury, Bucks 1413 - Richard atte Water left and Thomas Geoffray came.

Little Bookham, Surrey 1433 - Thomas Geoffray left and John Ferby came.

Braywood, Berks 1931 - Arthur Harris-Rivett left and Ernest Skuse came

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