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T0020 8/7/2020

Over the years Project Purley has compiled a number of booklets which recorded research that had been undertaken. Most of them can be made available for download as a PDF


We start with a set of booklets (not quite complete as yet) which record monumental inscriptions in Purley, some alas have now disappeared. They are concentrated at St Mary's Church and at Goosecroft but there are others about.This section of the site provides a home for a series of documents currently in development covering:-

Part 1 - Introduction

Part 2 - Inscriptions in the old St Mary's graveyard

Part 3 - Inscriptions in the new St Mary's graveyard

Part 4 - Attached inscriptions at St Mary's

Part 5 - Cremation memorials at St Mary's

Part 6 - Burials at Goosecroft cemetery zone B

Part 7 - Cremations at Goosecroft cemetery zone B

Part 8 - Inscriptions at the Memorial Hall and elsewhere

Part 9 - Name Indexes


Next a set of booklets recording other research by reproducing either the text of historic documents or a summary taken from an official records:-

Sources 1-23

Sources 24-38

Sources 39-61

Sources 62-82

Index to Sources 1-39


Then some other booklets relating to Purley

Flooding Report 2004

Tour Guide to St Mary's Church

Place names of Purley

Potted Church History

A walk in Purley

Beating the Bounds

Road Services in Purley and Pangbourne


And finally some more general booklets

Index to the Diary of Reading Corporation

Members of Parliament for Purley and Pangbourne

Reproduction of the Telephone Directory for 1894

Celtic Place Names

Spread of Settlements in Anglo-Saxon England

The Reading we never knew

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